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Feb 28, 2017

In episode 31 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with CNN’s John Sutter! John is an award winning opinion journalist at CNN who focuses on climate change with his program Two Degrees.  Doug and John cover such diverse topics as:

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  • MARSHALL ISLANDS SEA LEVEL RISE - John describes his story on sea level rise in the Marshall Islands. John discusses how he used innovative media tools such as Snapchat to tell the story how climate change poses extreme risks to this island chain.  
  • PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT - Doug and John discuss the Paris Climate Agreement and how it inspired John to develop the Two Degrees program.   
  • THE HOCKEY STICK - Doug and John also discuss the 20 anniversary of climatologist Michael Mann’s hockey stick research.  
  • CLIMATE IN RURAL AMERICA - John discusses his groundbreaking story where he visited Woodward, Oklahoma as he went on a funny and sometimes frustrating journey to try to identify citizens who actually believed climate change was happening.
  • THE OTHER PEOPLE - John explains the challenges of interviewing people you do not agree with and the role of trust in these conversations.
  • CLIMATE AS HEALTH - We discuss climate change as a public health issue.
  • CLIMATE SINCE THE DUST BOWL - John describes talking with citizens of Woodward, Oklahoma and how historic events like the Dust Bowl influenced their perceptions on how humans can impact nature.
  • CLIMATE CREATIONIST - John describes a conversation with a climate skeptic and young earth creationist who also installed solar panels on his property.
  • WHICH WAY MARSHALL ISLANDERS?  We discuss climate change mitigation versus adaptation and how John’s experiences in the Marshall Islands has influenced his perspective on this issue.
  • FROM THE PACIFIC TO ARKANSAS - We learn about climate refugees from the Marshall Islands who have relocated to Springdale, Arkansas.

ANALYSIS - Tim Watkins comes on for a brief conversation dissecting the conversation with John Sutter. Doug and Tim also discuss how America Adapts will talk about how adaptation can be a pathway to educate, inspire and motive people to reduce their carbon footprint.


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