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Jul 17, 2017

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In episode 45 of America Adapts - in a first - host Doug Parsons travels to Kampala, Uganda to cover the CBA11 (Community Based Adaptation).  This podcast consists of multiple conversations with conference attendees representing countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States.  If you want to learn how the rest of the world approaches adaptation, this podcast is for you!

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In this Episode:

WHAT IS CBA? – Conference organizer, Hannah Reid explains what is community based adaptation and the role the conference plays in the knowledge exchange of this discipline.

AFRICAN ADAPTATION – Doug talks with two adaptation planners from Malawi, Phina Rocha, Irish Aid, and Dorothy Tembo, Senior Programme Officer, Centre For Environmental Policy and Advocacy and the challenges facing developing countries in developing national adaptation plans.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT - Anita Van Breda, from World Wildlife Fund, talks disaster management planning and risk reduction at World Wildlife Fund and their unique approaches in engaging developing countries in these efforts.

CLIMATE JUSTICE - Doug talks resilience planning with Rebecca Carter of the World Resources Institute; Doug also discusses issues of climate justice and communicating adaptation to younger generations in developing countries with Heather McGray of the Climate Justice Resilience Fund.

AFRICAN NATIONAL PARKS – Doug talks with Manuel Mutimmcuio, Director of Human Development, at the world famous Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.  Manuel describes the tumultuous history of the park and currents efforts to address climate change while working with local communities that count on the park for their livelihoods.

INTERNATIONAL DONORS - Doug talks with Dr. Arno Sckeyde, from the German agency, GIZ, on the role of governments and international aid. Doug also talks with Tom Derr of the Peace Corps and some of their innovative adaptation work, partnering with the World Wildlife Fund, in Uganda.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR CBA – Conference founder, Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director at the International Center for Climate Change and Development discusses the history of the CBA and what the challenges and opportunities for this field going forward.

And there’s much more!

Pictures from CBA11: 

Key Quotes:
“I hope the US looks beyond their borders more to understand the challenges developing countries are dealing with regarding climate change impacts.” Hannah Reid, IIED

Interviewed in this episode:

Hannah Reid, Conference Organizer, International Institute for Environment and Development
Anita Van Breda
, Senior Director, Environment and Disaster Management, World Wildlife Fund
Phina Rocha, Irish Aid, Malawi
Dorothy Tembo, Senior Programme Officer, Centre For Environmental Policy and Advocacy
Rebecca Carter, Deputy Director, Climate Resilience Practice, World Resources Institute
David Kintu, Executive Director, Nature Palace Foundation
Heather McGray, Director, Climate Justice Resilience Fund
Dr. Arno Sckeyde, Climate Change Facilitator, GIZ (Germany)
Manuel Mutimmcuio, Director of Human Development, Gorongosa National Park
Romy Chevallier, Senior Researcher, South African Institute of International Affairs
Tom Derr, U.S. Peace Corps Uganda
Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director, International Center for Climate Change and Development and Senior Fellow, IIED

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Links in episode: (WWF’s Environment and Disaster Management website, which provides resources for environmentally responsible disaster recovery, reconstruction, and risk reduction, including the Green Recovery and Reconstruction Training Toolkit (GRRT), the Flood Green Guide, and a 24/7 helpdesk Green Recovery Connect.) (Coordination of Assessments for Environment in Humanitarian Action - A joint USAID, OCHA, UN Environment, UNHCR, WWF and MSB Initiative)
Information on Uganda:
Conference Information

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