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Dec 12, 2022

In episode 177 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons hosts Justin Sanchez of Battelle; Jamie Beck Alexander of Project Drawdown; Franco Amalfi of Google Cloud; and Erin Sikorsky of the Center for Climate and Security. All our keynote speakers at the upcoming Innovations in Climate Resilience that Battelle is hosting in Columbus, Ohio. You’ll learn about the climate change work each of their companies and organizations are working on and you’ll hear get previews of their talks at the Innovations conference. Some of the leading climate voices sharing their stories!

Topics covered:

  • Details on the upcoming Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference.
  • How Project Drawdown works with groups to lower their carbon footprint and find solutions to large scale climate problems.
  • Google Cloud works with government entities on resilience planning using big data and climate modeling.
  • How national security is increasingly focused on climate adaptation.

Experts in this Episode:

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Battelle Information
Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference
General email is
Media inquiry contact is TR Massey

  • ICR23 Call for Abstracts: Download here
  • ICR22 On-Demand: Access all proceedings, presentations, videos, and photos here

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