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Aug 6, 2019

In episode 94 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons visits New York City! This is THE episode on urban forestry and climate adaptation. Doug travels across the city, visiting parks and interviewing experts on such topics as:  How forests add to the overall resilience of New York City; Cool Neighborhoods program and public health; urban forestry and climate adaptation; extreme heat in urban areas; public health and urban forests, social and ecological resilience; tree equity and social resilience and much, much more!

This episode was generously sponsored by American Forests.

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Experts in this Episode: 

  1. Marit Larson, Chief of Natural Resources, NYC PARKS (2:18)
  2. Sarah Charlop-Powers, Director, Natural Areas Conservancy (33:11)
  3. Jad Daley, President and CEO, American Forests (23:30)
  4. Kristy King, Director, NYC Parks (36:50)
  5. Clara Pregitzer, Deputy Director of Greenbelt Native Plant Center, Natural Areas Conservancy (47:08)
  6. Justin Bowers, Forest Restoration, Natural Areas Conservancy (53:12)
  7. Erika Svendsen, USDA Forest Service and Co-Director NYC Urban Field Station (1:01:00)
  8. Sarah Anderson, Senior Manager, Tree Equity Programs, American Forests (1:04:30)
  9. Michelle Johnson, Research Ecologist with the NYC Urban Field Station, USDA Forest Service (1:08:21)
  10. Lauren Smalls-Mantey, Program Director of Cool Neighborhoods, NYC Parks  (1:17:12)
  11. Heather Liljengren, Greenbelt Native Plant Center, NYC PARKS (1:24:10)
  12. Lindsay Campbell, Social Scientist at USDA Forest Service (1:46:31)
  13. Peter Lechnir, Forest Restoration, NYC PARKS (1:59:43)
  14. Rich Hallett, Research Ecologist for USDA Forest Service at the NYC Urban Field Station (2:05:22)
  15. Ian Leahy, Vice-President of Urban Forestry, American Forests (2:14:38)

Topics covered:

  • How forests add to the overall resilience of New York City.
  • The New York City Forest Management Framework,
  • Climate adapted palettes for forests.
  • The role of the NYC Urban Field station and the research there.
  • Climate resilience related programs, including FIRST.
  • How forest stewardship can lead to community resilience.
  • Cool Neighborhoods program and public health.
  • Heat management and urban forests.
  • NYC Native Plant Center and its role in making natural areas more resilient through local genetic stock.
  • Super Stewards forestry program.
  • Combining social/ecological systems.
  • Ecosystem services in urban forests.
  • How responding to Hurricane Sandy led to reforms in urban forestry management.
  • Tree equity and urban forests.
  • Vibrant Cities Lab and urban forests.
  • And much more!

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Natural Areas Conservancy
US Forest Service
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Nature of Cities
American Forests Vibrant Cities Labs
American Forests Tree Equity Program

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