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Sep 5, 2016

Episode 8:  Rivers, watersheds and climate change adaptation!  America Adapts talks with Watershed/Adaptation Planner Rebecca Esselman of the Huron River Watershed Council.  Learn how HRWC became one of the first local watershed groups to bring in adaptation staff.  Many river advocates have long argued that watersheds should be the landscape model for conservation planning. Listen in as Doug talks with Rebecca on the challenges and opportunities that local watershed groups have when dealing with climate change adaptation.  The Huron River is a major urban river, part of the greater Detroit watershed.  Rebecca describes working with local watershed stakeholders on how they need to focus on future threats like climate change and what that means for present day decision making. Also hear more about some of their current adaptation projects, one of which is funded by the Doris Duke Foundation’s Adaptation Fund.  Rebecca also proposes developing a “climate network” of local groups to keep the momentum going on existing efforts and to develop new partnerships.  Rebecca also discusses the struggles of identifying funding streams for inland landscapes since so much adaptation emphasis has been placed on coastal areas in recent years.  This podcast highlights the issue that adaptation planning must be local if we were are going to get the public behind these efforts.  For more information on this podcast, visit our website at and don't forget to subscribe to this podcast on Itunes. Also, consider following us on Facebook at America Adapts!