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Dec 18, 2018

In episode 80 of America Adapts, Doug Parson joins World Wildlife Fund’s Shaun Martin to take a behind the scenes look at how WWF is adapting conservation to the new realities of climate change and helping governments prepare for the future in ways that ensure a place for nature. During this 8-month journey, Doug follows how WWF is developing a simple process to integrate climate change risks into its strategies and documents the challenges and triumphs they face along the way. This episode features WWF staff from 20 countries on 5 continents, telling stories on a wide range of topics including elephants, super-typhoons, and urban water scarcity – all served up with a strong dose of instant coffee and a side of chicken gizzards!

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Featured in this Episode (in order of appearance)
Shaun Martin, WWF US
Kate Teperman, WWF Vietnam
Eduardo Rendón Salinas, WWF Mexico
Harisoa Hasina Rakotondrazafy, WWF Madagascar
Gia Ibay, WWF Philippines
Jacob Etunganan, WWF Uganda
Kgaugelo Chiloane, WWF South Africa
Isaiah Owiunji, WWF Uganda
Sandeep Chamling Rai, WWF Global Practice Expert for Adaptation

Philip Odhiambo, WWF Kenya
Enkhee Devee, WWF Mongolia
Chris Weber, WWF Global Climate and Energy Lead Scientist
Masood Arshad, WWF Pakistan
Matyas Farkas, WWF Hungary
Judy Oglethorpe, WWF US
Oscar Guevara, WWF Colombia
Nadia Bood, WWF Central America/Belize
Mariana Chavez, WWF Mexico
Maggie Kinnaird, Global Wildlife Practice Leader
Arjette Stevens, WWF Netherlands
Nikhil Advani, WWF US
Gavin Jolis, WWF Malaysia
Melissa de Kok, WWF Norway
John Morrison, WWF US
Ninel Escobar Montecinos, WWF Mexico

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Resources from WWF
WWF Adapt Free, interactive and brief online courses covering climate change and adaptation basics for conservationists and their allies. Available in 7 languages.

Environment and Disaster Management WWF’s portal for disaster managers and conservationists with resources to help reduce disaster risk and recover from disasters using environmentally responsible practices.

WWF Climate Crowd Explore this crowdsourcing project to learn about how vulnerable communities are affected by changes in climate and weather, how they are responding, and how their responses impact the natural environment.

Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund This initiative supports the testing of new ideas that have potential to reduce the vulnerability of wildlife to changes in climate through on-the-ground projects.

Third Pole GeoLab Explore how climate change is affecting communities and snow leopards in Asia’s High Mountains through interactive maps and stories.

Executive Producer
Shaun Martin, World Wildlife Fund

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