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Dec 14, 2018

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In episode 79 of America Adapts, we’re celebrating the third annual Holiday Special.  Professor Ladd Keith of the University of Arizona and Shaun Martin, of World Wildlife Fund, join Doug in person at “Rancho Adapto” to discuss each of their top 3 climate stories of the year; their favorite America Adapts episode for the past year and the state of adaptation. It’s a lively and entertaining conversation with three adaptation pros!  Bonus section, Dr. Lara Hansen and Lauren Lynch, of EcoAdapt, come on to give a preview of the 2019 National Adaptation Forum, which occur April 23-25th in Madison, Wisconsin. 

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Experts in this episode:
Shaun Martin, Senior Director of Adaptation and Resilience at World Wildlife Fund
Ladd Keith, Chair of the Sustainable Built Environments program and Planning Lecturer at the University of Arizona

Links in this episode:

Discussed in this episode, "Podcasts in the classroom". Check out this page for more information.

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